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Subete - Anemone - 1.8

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With the v1.7 update, I've hit my upload limit & package size limit! If I want to continue with Subete updates, I need to purchase more repo addons.
If you enjoy Subete, please consider donating, I'd really appreciate it! Donations go directly to the upkeep of the repo (getting more space for packages, upload limit increase, etc.).
I'm a poor college student with a husband & 2 fish both named Jimmy. Think of the fish! >°))))彡 

Subete theme for all iPhones & iPads running Anemone - For iOS 7/8/9/10
Includes 3 themes: regular, txtual, & Kana.
 This is the Anemone* version, IconBundles isn't needed as it is included with Anemone.
[If you're using WinterBoard, please download the other version simply titled 'Subete']

The regular theme contains over 230 icons!
Subete - Kana has over 40 icons so far & Subete - txtual has over 50 icons so far. I'm always taking requests!

Want to request an icon?:
Message me on DeviantArt: @kisanagii
iMessage me:

Include in your icon request:
1. Device Type (iPhone/iPad, @2x/@3x)
2. Which theme are the icons for (Subete, Kana, or txtual)
3. BundleID of the app (download BundleIDs from Cydia to get your Bundle ID)

* If you have issues with this theme, please download the latest version of Anemone from either of these repos:

Stable Ring Repo:

Fast Ring Repo (Nightly/Unstable):


Fixed some icon names & added a few missing icons to Subete.
Added 23 icons to 'Kana'.
Added 20 icons to 'Txtual'.


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