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Subete - 1.7

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4.09/5 (45 votes).

Subete theme for iPhones 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 & 6 Plus - For iOS 7/8/9/10
Includes 3 themes: regular, txtual, & Kana.
* Requires IconBundles to work.

The regular theme contains over 230 icons!
Subete - Kana has 57 icons so far & Subete - txtual has 32 icons so far. I'm always taking requests!

Want to request an icon?:
Message me on DeviantArt: @kisanagii
iMessage me:

Include in your icon request:
1. Device Type (iPhone/iPad, @2x/@3x)
2. Which theme are the icons for (Subete, Kana, or txtual)
3. BundleID of the app (download BundleIDs from Cydia to get your Bundle ID)


v1.6 - Added 90 icons to the regular version of Subete (let me know if I missed your request).