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LS.FA006 - 1.2

4.00/5 (12 votes).

LS.FA006 by Fabrice Mommer [@Faxx4840] - Contains a White & Dark Version

Check out his deviantArt for more stuff ;)

*This package is for LockHTML - If you're using GroovyLock, download 'LS.FA006 - GroovyLock' instead.

Disclaimer: You should have the 'LockHTML' folder already in /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML, but if you don't, this LS will not install properly. This isn't my fault, this is LockHTML's fault for not always creating the proper folder when it's installed.

[This package is for LockHTML3 (iOS 7) & LockHTML4 (iOS 8/9)


1.1 - Adds a 'Dark' version


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